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Many of our barns, farmhouses and tool sheds were constructed with trees that grew in the fertile land of the Midwest long before the Constitution was signed and behind many of these structures is a story – a tale of the families who poured their lives into the land and pursued the American dream.  Though some of these structures continue to stand strong, many are beginning to crumble.   In these long forgotten structures, we see an opportunity to create – specifically, an opportunity to reclaim the wood and renew it into something amazing.

We reclaim wood from century old barns and renew it into feature walls, mantels, accents, and furniture for your next commercial or residential project.   We work with you to help you design a wall that is not only beautiful but carries with it a story that can bring a space to life.

The color, texture and size options are endless.  Reclaimed wood lends itself to numerous design styles and is sure to add that personal touch to your space.

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