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Why Integrated – Fully Integrated. Fully Functional.
Syntégra offers a new generation of integrated door systems to architects, building owners, contractors, designers and specifiers.
From the moment of installation, Syntégra offers them even more:
· Whether you want the door to blend in with existing architecture or make a bold design statement, Syntégra integrated doors are the solution
· Door hardware is factory-installed and adjusted to reduce installation time and cost
· We supply not only the door, but the frame, closers, hold-open magnets, vision lites and kick plates
· No mismatched components that can cause unwelcome surprises at the job site
· We provide a single source for all your needs taking responsibility for all aspects of the door system
· We work exclusively with the finest suppliers that have proven products and quality systems to ensure initial and long-term performance
· Unequalled support to assist you through the entire life cycle of the opening

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