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DaylightShaping™ family of OptiView® Shaping Diffusers from Solatube

Solatube has launched a new DaylightShaping™ family of OptiView® Shaping Diffusers, and they are proud to introduce you to the OptiView® Wide, Superwide and Narrow diffuser options for the Solatube SolaMaster Series.

A message from Solatube:

Our launch presentation covers product information and benefits, technical information as well as sales and marketing updates. Watch it here!

A few quick pointers from the presentation:

· OptiView® Superwide and Narrow will be available on July 1 – we will send out a technical bulletin and will also update the Solatube website on July 1

· Samples as well as the OptiView® Comparator demo kits will be available in June – we are planning to send one comparator to all US commercial distributors

· An updated version of the Solatube Design Calculator (complete with all of the new photometry) will go live on June 1

· The 3 Part Spec is currently in the process of being updated

A copy of the Powerpoint presentation is located here.

For your reference, the technical bulletin about OptiView® Wide that was sent out in April is located here.

If you have comments or questions, please contact your Solatube Regional Manager or get in touch with us!

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